Bridging Grants Round for 2017 Opens 2nd May

The Global Connection Fund: Bridging Grants Round for 2017 Opens 2nd May

We are pleased to announce that the next round of Bridging Grants will be opening for eligibility assessment and subsequently, full applications on the 2nd May 2017. The timetable for this call is published on the GCF website.

In the lead up to this next round opening we have made available on the Global Connections Fund website all of the Bridging Grant information required to prepare an application. This includes the guidelines, the FAQs, eligibility criteria and details on the process of application. You will also be able to download an example application form and budget template for consideration.

This will enable interested parties to consider this material in advance and prepare for an initial eligibility assessment  and if approved, a Bridging Grant application. The application process will require an approval at the eligibility assessment stage before a full application can be made. This is done through a quick online test. You can only take the test once so we ask you read the material associated with this process carefully.

The Global Connection Team