About Bridging Grants - Introduction

[Note: the final call for Bridging Grants (192) under the current GCF program, closed on the 3rd July 2019. The information below is for interest only and unless a new call is announced in the future, remains as background information for the program.]

Bridging Grants (BG) are a program of assistance that targets early stage proof of concept and knowledge transfer, product development and market testing, innovation and commercialisation activities.

They are designed to support international SME-Researcher partnerships grow beyond an initial level of engagement such as might be developed during a Priming Grant funded process, into a strong collaboration which leads to the translation of research knowledge and intellectual property into market ready products or services.

Applying for a Bridging Grant is not in any way dependent on previously being awarded a Priming Grant.

The Bridging Grants provide between AUD25,000 to AUD50,000 per grant to engage in these activities. They are highly competitive and are additionally supported on a matching funds/in-kind basis of additional resources from the applicant partners.

Bridging Grants cannot be used for basic research funding, for the acquisition of major capital equipment, or for conference travel.

Only one application per partnership proposal can be submitted.

The BG FAQ section provides additional commentary and clarifications on the guidelines.

The Bridging Grants program is administered by the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. This initiative aligns with the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.