Bridging Grants: Process of Application

Applying for a Bridging Grant is a two step process.

(1) Take the online eligibility test, and if approved,  

(2) prepare and submit a formal application. 

Both of these activities are conducted online.

Before you do anything please download and read the Bridging Grant Guidelines.

Pre-application Preparation

We have provided extensive information on the grant process which is available on this website so that you can prepare in advance to apply for a grant.

In particular we suggest that prospective applicants establish a clear agreement and terms for collaboration with your prospective partner in advance of applying for a grant. This is because your partner needs to commit to the project and agree to contribute a cash or in-kind contribution as part of the application.

If you are awarded  a Bridging Grant then we will, as part of our offer to you, request a copy of a letter from your partner confirming their cash or in-kind contribution.

It is our experience that some applicants fail to set these aspects up well in advance and it can lead to an eventual withdrawal of our grant offer if these documents are not forthcoming within the mandated timelines.

The Application Process

  1. First complete the compulsory Bridging Grant online eligibility test. This must be completed and submitted for eligibility assessment.
  2. If eligibility is approved, a BGA application number along with a link to the online Bridging Grant Application form will be emailed to the applicant. 
  3. The BGA application number is required to complete the online Bridging Grant Application form. If you do not have a valid BGA application number you will not be able to make a grant application.
  4. Applications can only be submitted by the primary AU applicant. No applications can be made by prospective international partners.

All sections of the application form must be completed in full and further information may be sought from applicants if documentation is incomplete or unclear.

The application form must be submitted by a person with delegated authority to apply. The information included in the completed form will be regarded as commercial-in-confidence.

Some hints on the application process

  1. You can download an example only version of the eligibility test form here so that you can become familiar with the content required. This form cannot be used to submit an eligibility test.
  2. During the main Bridging Grant application process the form can be saved after each page so that you can return and complete (you will be automatically provided a link to the form) at a later time if required.
  3. We suggest you download the example Bridging Grant application form (Note this example form may not reflect all fine details of the final online form and should be used as general guidance only) and become familiar with what is required for each section. You can prepare your text responses to each section in a word processor (without formatting) and then copy and paste this content into the sections as you complete them. Further guidance on the grant content requirements are found in the Guidelines.
  4. Please take careful note of the character length requirement for each response in the application form. Character length include spaces.
  5. The budget needs to be completed on a separate template and then uploaded via the upload button within the master online application form.
  6. We suggest you prepare your responses as unformatted text and then paste into the various online sections. 
  7. Do not miss the submission deadline cutoff as once this is passed the online form is automatically deactivated and no further submissions can be accepted. This applies also to forms partially saved and in progress in the system.