Bridging Grants - Eligibility Test Form

This short eligibility test is designed to quickly assess if you are eligible to apply for a Bridging Grant (BG). You can only take the test once.  

  • We suggest you read the relevant sections on this GCF website such as the program outline, the guidelines and the FAQ section before you take the test.

  • If you pass you will receive an email confirming this along with a BGA application number which must be written into the BG application form when you apply.

  • Please note; as each submission is reviewed personally, it may (in exceptional circumstances) take up to 24 hr to receive your outcome email although responses are generally within an hour of receipt.

  • Final BG Applications are made online only. Only one submission is allowed per applicant. You will receive a link to the application form along with an application number in an email from us confirming your eligibility. The application number must be used in the final application form submission.:

Download a review copy of the eligibility form here. This Cannot be used for submission and is provided for informational use only

For Those Deemed Ineligible

For those deemed ineligible to apply you will be notified by email. Ineligibility is determined when all or some of the essential eligibility criteria are not met. You will not be able to retake the eligibility test again in this round.Please do not contact us and ask for further access to the system as this is not possible.