Bridging Grants Eligibility Criteria - a quick summary

  1. The Bridging Grants are open to Australian-based Researchers and Australian-based SMEs who must be the primary applicants. Please check the partnering arrangements below.

  2. Applicants must be either Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents.

  3. Australian research applicants are defined as those employed by a tertiary education institution, publicly funded research organisation, not-for-profit research organisation, or cooperative research centre.

  4. SME applicants must meet the definition of an SME, which is the term used to refer to micro-businesses, small businesses and medium sized firms. A small business has less than 20 employees, a medium business has between 20 and 199 employees and SMEs have less than 200 employees

AUstralian SME applicants must:

  • be incorporated as a Pty Ltd or Ltd entity

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)

  • be incorporated and registered for GST

  • not be set up as a trust structure

  • not be a sole trader

  • not be engaged in any litigation, arbitration, administrative proceedings, investigations, of or before any court, tribunal, commission, arbitral body or other agency in any jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Australia (for enterprises based in Australia) or in the nominated priority economy

5. No applications can be made by prospective international partners.

6. Only one application per Researcher (including Research Groups) or SME.

7. You must have already identified a potential international partner and have their agreement before undertaking the eligibility test.

8. BG applications can only be made and received if you have previously taken and passed the eligibility test and you have received email confirmation of this along with a valid Bridging Grant application number.

9. If you were awarded a Bridging Grant in 2018 ( i.e. call 182) you are not eligible to apply in the 2019 round. See the FAQ section for more details

Partnering Arrangements

The Bridging Grants only support the following partnering arrangements:

  • Australian SMEs looking to partner with Researchers in an eligible economy.

  • Australian Researchers seeking to partner with International SMEs in a priority listed economy.

  • We do not support Researcher-Researcher or SME-SME Partnerships.

The SME status of international partners

If you are an Australian researcher your international partner will be an international SME.

As the definition of SMEs is differs for each economy, it is important for you to establish and confirm to us that the partner fits the definition of an SME within their own economy.

The applicant will be required to declare that the proposed partner complies with this requirement and be prepared to provide the Academy with documented evidence if so requested by the Academy during the application process. Misleading declarations will lead to disqualification from the application process.

Further Information

Please consult the complete program guidelines for all details.

Please also read the Bridging Grants FAQ section which may assist in answering additional questions you may have.