Priming Grant Eligibility Criteria- An Overview

Please ensure you read the guidelines and FAQ sections for a full understanding of the eligibility criteria.

  1. The Priming Grants are open to Australian-based Researchers and Australian-based SMEs who must be the primary applicants. Please check the partnering arrangements below.
  2. Your proposed partner should not be part of an exisiting research or commercial relationship but part of a new opportunity you are seeking to explore.
  3. Applicants must be either Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents.
  4. No applications can be made by prospective international partners.
  5. Only one application per Researcher (including Research Groups) or SME.
  6. Previous successful 2017 Priming Grant holders are not eligible to apply if the area of endeavour is the same as previously funded even if new potential partners are involved. Such applicants will be eligible to apply in the 2019 Priming Grant rounds. However, 2017 awardees maybe  eligible to apply for a new Priming Grant if: the topic and partnership is entirely different from that of the previous award, and only after they have completed their 2017 grant requirements which includes the filing of a final report. 
  7. If you were an applicant in 2017 and were not successful in being awarded a Priming Grant then you may submit a new application in the 2018 round.
  8. You must have already identified a potential international partner and have their agreement before placing an Expression of Interest.
  9. Only Expressions of Interest that have been approved and provided with an EOI number can make the formal Priming Grant application.

Partnering Arrangements

The Priming Grants only support the following partnering arrangements:

  • International SMEs from a priority listed economy seeking to partner with Researchers from Australia.
  • Australian SMEs looking to partner with Researchers in a priority listed economy.
  • International Researchers in a priority listed economy seeking to partner with Australian SMEs.
  • Australian Researchers seeking to partner with International SMEs in a priority listed economy.
  • We do not support Researcher-Researcher or SME-SME Partnerships.

Please consult the complete program guidelines for all details.