Priming Grants - 2019 Overview

Important Update January 2019

THE Global Connection Fund (GCF) advises that Priming Grants under the current GCF program have now concluded and there will be no Priming Grant round in 2019.

The Priming Grant component of this program has been extremely successful and has over the past 3 years supported 146 projects. To date, awardees final reports have indicated that in excess of 85% of the supported projects were rated as being very successful, with many positive outcomes being reported. It has been encouraging to observe that many Priming Grant awardees have gone on to expand their work though a Bridging Grant. 

Lists of the successful applicants over the past 3 years are provided on this website.

Priming Grants - An Historical Overview

The purpose of the Priming Grants was to enhance collaboration specifically between Australian small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and researchers in the following economies.

Priming Grants encouraged translational activities, end use development and commercialisation outcomes. They did not support research only projects.  

The program only supports Researcher-SME collaborations and does not support SME-SME or Researcher-Researcher collaborations.

Priming Grants were intended to stimulate the formation of joint Australian-Partner research and innovation by reducing the financial risk on both sides to enter into a collaboration proposal.

Priming Grants were not simply travel grants, they had specific intent and outcomes.

The grants supported Australian SMEs and researchers to:

  • enable initial exploratory partner meetings to take place

  • undertake consortium meetings (travel-related costs), assistance with minor project expenses; and /or costs associated with establishing formal relationships (legal agreements) or funding applications for joint activities.

  • support potential SME-researcher partnerships in exploring the viability of an intended research and development (R&D) collaboration or technology solution

  • explore avenues for follow-on project seed‑funding

Priming Grants were not designed to fund ongoing research costs, or to support existing collaborative activities.The proposed partner should not be part of an exisiting research or commercial relationship but a new opportunity being sought.

Priming grants were not intended for use to support research projects on SMEs, commercialisation or entrepreneurial activities. They were solely intended to promote translational activities between entities which lead to new innovations in products or services.

The Priming Grant funding may be matched by the overseas partners although this is not obligatory.

Priming Grants offered total funding of $7,000 AUD/applicant to eligible SME-researcher partnerships for activities preparing cooperative, international R&D projects or facilitating technology solutions.

Priming Grants were only open to Australian-based Researchers and Australian-based SMEs who must be the primary applicants.