Priming Grants 2018: Process of Application


Applications for Priming Grants is a two stage process. (1) submission of an Expression of Interest, which is assessed for eligibility, and if approved in this step (2) preparation and submission of a formal Priming Grant application.

Priming Grants (Call 181) will be open for receipt of Expressions of Interest (EOI) from February 5th until the 19th February closing at 17.00hr AEDT. Subsequent full Priming Grant applications can be lodged anytime after February 5th but only if the EOI is approved. Priming Grant applications close at 17.00hr (AEDT) on March 8th 2018.

Check the grant round timetable here

Before you do anything please download and read the Priming Grant Guidelines

The application process

  1. First complete the compulsory Priming Grant Expression of Interest form (PG-EOI) which is available here. This must be completed online and submitted for eligibility assessment.
  2. If the PG-EOI is approved, a PG-EOI approval number along with a link to the online Priming Grant application form will be emailed to the PG-EOI applicant. 
  3. The PG-EOI number is required to complete the online Priming Grant application form. If you do not have a valid PG-EOI number you will not be able to make a grant application.
  4. Applications can only be submitted by the primary AU applicant. No applications can be made by prospective international partners.

All sections of the application form must be completed in full and further information may be sought from applicants if documentation is incomplete or unclear.

The application form must be submitted by a person with delegated authority to apply. The information included in the completed form will be regarded as commercial-in-confidence.

Please remember, all Priming Grant applications must be received by 17.00hr on March 8th 2018 (AEDT). No access to the application form (even those partially completed and saved) or submissions will be possible after this time.