Grants help bridge the gap between Australia and overseas markets

Australian businesses and researchers can now apply for grants from the Australian Government to help them collaborate with researchers overseas to gain a competitive edge in the global market.

The bridging grants component of the Global Connection Fund opened today for applications from eligible businesses and researchers.

These grants will help existing small-to-medium Australian businesses work with researchers overseas, leveraging their academic expertise to help them compete on the international stage.

The grants will also help Australian researchers build strong relationships with international partners, which will lead to the translation of knowledge and intellectual property into market-ready products or services.

Bridging grants offer up to $50,000 in seed funding to help businesses and researchers undertake innovative projects with overseas partners to support commercialisation and proof-of-concept activities.

Bridging grants support activities such as:

  • Product and service development activities (e.g. technical development, compliance testing, proof of concept, product testing, validation, laboratory verification and certification)
  • Product or services design (e.g. design work, prototyping, innovation design, manufacturing establishment)
  • Software development and beta testing for a specific application, and
  • Market testing and analysis (e.g. supplying prototypes for testing and evaluation).

For example, the Global Connection Fund could support projects such as:

  • An Australian-based researcher engaging with an SME in Asia to design and develop prototypes for environmentally and socially sustainable furniture.
  • A local SME working with researchers in the US or Europe to develop innovative medical technology to improve the lives of victims of stroke and other human diseases.
  • Researchers and SMEs in Australia and overseas collaborating on carbon capture and storage technology that could be commercialised to reduce emissions for the energy sector.

The Global Connections Fund is a key internationally-focussed measure of the Global Innovation Strategy, part of the Government’s $1.1 billion National Innovation and Science Agenda.

The Global Innovation Strategy also supports landing pads being established worldwide for market-ready start-ups, and the Global Innovation Linkages programme, announced on 8 August.