Priming Grants: Final Report Forms

The final reporting process for Priming Grant recipients has two steps. 

  1. Complete of the formal report using the online form link below.
  2. Completion of an exit survey. The link to the survey is provided in the email confirmation you receive once you lodge your final report.
  3. Please do not ask for extensions to your grant or reporting deadlines as this is not possible.

You can download an example for those who are reporting on the 2016 PG 161 round.

A Reporting form for the PG171-2017 call will be made available in mid 2017

Reporting Deadlines for Priming Grant Rounds

1. Priming Grant call 161-2016: Final deadline for your report is 30th June 2017.

2. Priming Grant call 171-2017: Final deadline for your report is 30th April 2018.