Australian SME-International Researcher Partner Matching

There are lots of International Researchers who are looking for partnering opportunities with Australian SMEs. This section facilitates that opportunity.

Australian SMEs - List your company and opportunity

If you are an Australian SME and are seeking to partner with International Researchers and any of our Priority Economies then this is the place to register your interest and create a public profile.

The information that is presented publicly will be a brief description of your company and the opportunity areas that you are seeking to engage within the international research community. We will not exchange names or contact details until you agree to do so.

The information that you submit is publicly displayed below. We will contact you when enquiries are received specific to your area of activity and interest.

International Researchers Seeking Australian SMEs

International Researchers: If you see a company of interest in the database below please note the Query number and Company name and go to the form link below and send us these details along with your own and we will try and put you in touch. 

SME Database