The Value Proposition

The key value of the Global Connection Fund (GCF) is its ability to build sustainable global linkages between SMEs and researchers in the area of science and technology. 

Outcomes expected will include: 

  • promoting awareness about opportunities for research and innovation collaboration

  • instigating strong strategic linkages

  • increasing innovation capacity to advance solutions for key challenges

Value Proposition to the Applicants

Eligible SME or research applicants are awarded Priming Grants to fund a face-to-face meeting with prospective partners to establish if a long-term working collaboration can be formed. Bridging grants fund early stage proof of concept and prototyping activities. The process of application has been designed to be fast and simple with a minimum of fuss.

Value Proposition to Australia & Internationally

The aim of these GCF activities is to accelerate research-business relationships by providing more effective strategic network formation. 

Collaborative relationships are proven to produce better research and optimise the environment for innovation breakthroughs. Leveraging one another's strengths in a cooperative way will have benefits for both Australia and partner economies and assist in their development as technology leaders.

How does this contribute to a better research & business sector?

Cooperation in science and technology and innovation at the international level is a key element in national science and innovation systems and is vital in supporting economic growth in Australia.  The many direct and indirect economic benefits of international collaboration include:

  • Bringing key skills, capabilities and access to research infrastructure

  • Facilitating the participation of experts in research activities of global significance

  • Enhancing the reputation of Australian science and technology

  • Enhancing access to international expertise and networks of researchers that facilitate major programs of global and national significance to be addressed

  • Providing a stimulating environment which triggers new ideas, technologies and innovations

  • Opportunities for SMEs to add value to products or services through adoption of innovative research outcomes

  • Sharing of costs and risks

  • Facilitating access to new funding opportunities

  • Providing access to data, samples for testing and analysis, cutting edge technology, equipment and infrastructure

  • Increasing opportunity for the cultural and professional development of Australian scientists